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trivialaffair [userpic]
best friends don’t necessarily come in namesquishes

Title: Best friends don’t necessarily come in namesquishes
Pairing: Massu x Shige (friendship)
Authors: misticloud and trivialaffair
Rating: G
Word Count: 2000+
Notes: Our first collaboration wheeeeee!
Summary: Massu considers his friendship with Shige.

Best friends don’t necessarily come in namesquishes

If there’s one thing Massu knows for sure, it’s that there is no way he could ever compete with Koyama Keiichiro.

Not that he wants to compete with Koyama, per say. After all, they are good friends and have been since the formation of NEWS, but sometimes when Massu watches Koyama and Shige as they talk about boob sizes and karaoke joints and shared moments, Massu wonders why it isn’t the same with him.

Why Shige isn’t the same with him.

Massu knows that his relationship with Shige isn’t particularly special. They don’t hang out very often outside of work, nor do they phone each other to confide deep dark secrets (and their conversations are usually around five minutes at most), but Massu likes to think that what they have belongs to them and them alone.

It’s the little things about their relationship that makes Shige special to him. Little things like when Shige bounds over to Massu with a grin and tells him about his day, or when Massu makes Shige go shopping with him and with a sarcastic roll of his eyes, Shige agrees. Or it’s when they sit in the hotel lounge eating late night snacks and telling each other stupid jokes, or when Shige shows Massu new music and Massu teases Shige for his peculiar tastes. Or during concert meetings when Shige knows what Massu wants to say and says it for him because Massu doesn’t know the right words to use.

Someone once told Massu that his smiles were like sunshine, but he thinks that Shige’s smiles fit that description better. Sure, when Massu smiles, so does everyone around him, but when Shige smiles that genuine smile that only he can (not that fake one that he splits into so often on set), that is when Massu is grateful for their friendship, for the fact that Shige is comfortable enough to share that real smile with him.

But if Massu’s honest, he knows that even though Shige is Massu’s best friend in the group, it is clear that that’s not the case for Shige.

Shige and Koyama have that sort of special connection that is the stuff of cheesy dramas. They can spend hours hanging out and talking to each other about everything under the sun and still they never get sick of each other, never stop laughing. They can sleep together on the same bed and entangle arms and legs and make it sound like it’s okay. Shige and Koyama are the kind of best friends that make girls wonder if they’re something more.

Massu has never had that type of friendship, never had girls worry that he wasn’t straight as an arrow and didn’t have eyes only for his girl. Not that he would want to deal with that particular scandal-inducing situation, but the fact still stands that it would be nice to feel that close to someone, to have others perceive that closeness like it is the most obvious thing in the world.

Maybe Massu should just get used to having a simple, underrated, ordinary friendship.

Massu has never learned how to say no to things (he sort of hates the way disappointment looks on his friends’ faces), so when Shige looks at him with pathetic doe eyes and asks Massu to go to Koyama’s butai with him, Massu knows he’s going to say yes even before Shige tries to bribe him.

“You don’t need to treat me to dinner.” Massu flushes, as if food is the only reason he would want to go. He’s Shige’s friend, and he’s certainly not that shallow. Shige, of all people, should know that.

And Shige does. He laughs, “I know, but you’re doing me a favor. This is the least I can do. Koyama says there’s this really good sushi place by the theater that we can go to after the show starts, so I’ve been meaning to go.”

Massu is tempted to say that if the place is that good, Koyama is probably going to take Shige there anyway, but he keeps it to himself, “Well, then, fine. If you’re paying, I’m going to order the most obnoxiously expensive dish there.”

Shige laughs again. “Go ahead,” he grins, “you deserve it.”

Massu wonders if this is all he’s good for.

They go in early, with seats near the sheltered back so that fangirls won’t notice them prematurely. Shige studies the butai pamphlet and chuckles at Koyama’s serious face in the pictures, gesturing at each picture with a gentle smile. But all Massu can think about is how, six months earlier, he’d gone to Shige’s butai just like that and visited him backstage and a couple of weeks later, Shige had remembered wrongly that Tegoshi had come. He thought, too, of how Shige had called attention to Koyama publicly when Koyama had attended, and later thanked him in interviews for turning up. Massu hadn’t felt bitter about it. He knew that the fans would be happier seeing Koyama there than himself, and he was well aware that he and Tegoshi were quite frequently mistaken for each other.

He’d only felt a little sad that it’d been all the same to Shige.

The curtains go up and everyone settles back and when Koyama makes his first appearance, Shige remarks in low tones, “He’s nervous! Let’s hope he doesn’t forget any of his lines.”

Massu doesn’t reply and they fall into silence as the play goes on, but from time to time Massu glances over at Shige and the lights from the stage play across his face and he can see clearly from Shige’s face how much he’s enjoying it. Once Koyama pauses just a little longer than necessary as though he has forgotten his lines and Massu can feel Shige tensing, holding his breath in the half minute that it takes the prompter in the wings to jog Koyama’s memory, then letting it out in relief when the play goes on smoothly. Massu knows that when everything is over and the play has been pronounced a success, Shige will tease Koyama mercilessly about it for weeks to come, but in this moment of tension he knows just how much Shige cares. He wouldn’t say he’s jealous but Massu can’t help but feel a little left out.

“Uwah, I got through it!” is Koyama’s first sentence when they arrive backstage to congratulate him on a job well done. “I nearly missed my lines halfway through, could you tell?”

“I think the whole world could tell,” Shige says, and Koyama looks beyond horrified until Massu hurriedly assures him, “Shige’s joking, it wasn’t obvious at all!”

Shige laughs, “He knows that!”

Koyama punches Shige’s shoulder playfully. “You always like making my heart stop for a nanosecond.”

“What can I say, it’s my pleasure in life,” Shige replies amiably, punching Koyama back.

“Got anything on tonight?” Koyama asks. “Let’s go to that sushi place I told you about. I’m in the mood for sushi.”

“Yeah,” says Shige, turning to Massu, “we were thinking of…”

“Actually,” Massu interrupts, “why don’t the two of you go together? You’ll have more fun without me.”

Koyama shakes his head knowingly. “Massu just wants to go home and eat his mother’s cooking, ne.”

“But…” Shige begins.

“That’s right,” says Massu agreeably. “I’ll be off then, before the food at home gets cold. Koyama, it was a really good show tonight, I enjoyed myself!”

Koyama thanks him, but Shige is looking at him oddly. Massu avoids his gaze as he turns and leaves the dressing room. He doesn’t exactly know why he’d declined having dinner with them. They’re Koyama and Shige and he has known them for years, sincerely liked them for the same amount of time. It’s not as though he’s uncomfortable around them. But for some reason, he just doesn’t feel like being the ‘third party’ tonight. It’s not a very fun role to be.

Just before he arrives home, he drops by the convenience store and picks up a prepackaged bento. One can’t be too choosy when there isn’t any food waiting at home.

That night hangs between him and Shige, unspoken and non-alluded to, for two days until NEWS meets again for a photo shoot and Shige asks Massu to have dinner with him after. Massu’s first impulse is to say no since there’s food at home this time, but something in Shige’s face stops him and he agrees.

They settle on a soba store that’s small and ordinary and there’s only a middle-aged couple sitting at the counter solemnly slurping on cha soba. The serving staff doesn’t recognize them and they feel comfortably anonymous, sliding onto hardwood seats and taking off hats and scarves. They’re halfway through the meal, chatting banally about NEWS’ upcoming single and the obligatory appearance at Hey!Hey!Hey! that comes attached with every single release when Shige suddenly says, “Remember the first time we went out to eat together?”

Massu blinks, thrown for a moment by the abrupt change in topic. “Yeah,” he says. “We went to eat curry, didn’t we?”

Shige grins. “I remember you ordered two servings with dessert to boot.”

“I was hungry,” says Massu in a mock defensive tone. “I had an early lunch and the rest of the day we were filming the Ya Ya Yah show!”

“And I thought that I ate a lot,” says Shige, “until that point.”

Massu gives him an excessively offended face.

Five minutes later they’re remembering the formation of NEWS and how they’d stuck in little cliques, blinded by the brilliance of Yamapi and Ryo. “Tegoshi didn’t even dare to talk to any of us,” says Massu reflectively. “He was like a total non-person! It was always you, Kusano and Koyama.”

“Tegoshi was quietly self-centered then,” Shige agrees. “There was the brat in him but it was dormant.”

Massu laughs.

“You and Uchi sometimes joined us too,” Shige says, looking at Massu. “We had fun messing around in the hotel room during concert tours, huh? Even though we were all mostly depressed at being in NEWS at that time, we still had fun together.”

“Yeah, we did.”

“You also found me once in the bathroom crying. And you didn’t have tissue so you pulled out the toilet roll and wiped my cheeks with that.”

“That was when…the choreographer yelled at you for forgetting the steps, right?”

“His voice echoed.”

“I was scared too,” says Massu, closing his eyes and giving a little shiver. “He was one scary guy. Not even Nishikido-kun dared to leave the room.”

Shige transfers one of his tempura prawns to Massu’s bowl. “You still came out to look for me though.” After a beat, “Despite the lack of tissue. And only treating me to okonomiyaki after that.”

“What do you mean only? I didn’t have enough money on me to pay for anything more…”

When they’ve finished and Shige, by dint of much insisting, has paid the bill, they walk out into the cold Tokyo night together. The air is crisp and cool on their skin and they stand still for a moment, undecided about where to go next. Shige turns and punches Massu in the shoulder in much the same way he’d punched Koyama two nights ago when he and Koyama had been laughing together and Massu had been standing to the side, fighting envy. He looks up now, surprised, and sees the warmth in Shige’s eyes.

“Thanks,” says Shige, “for coming for me that time in the toilet. And for all the other times. You know what I’m talking about.”

Massu doesn’t really know what to say, so he just murmurs, “Friends do that for each other.”

“Not every friend would,” Shige says simply.

If there’s one thing Massu knows for sure, it’s that there is no way he could ever compete with Koyama Keiichiro. Koyama is Shige’s best friend, they’ve gone through hell, high winds and backstage rooms during New Year Countdown together, and nobody can compete with the closeness they share. To NEWS, and to the fans, it’s KoyaShige till the end of the chapter.

But then again, maybe there’s no need to compete. Maybe just being Masuda Takahisa, Shige’s behind-the-scenes friend and champion, is enough. Shige knows it. He knows it. There’s no need for anyone else to.

Bonus drabble (evidence of our first attempt at collab):

Why Massu wears baggy clothes

Massu frowns, “You can stop laughing now.”

Shige doesn’t, wheezing with all his might at Massu’s sudden, deadpanned confession. “I’m sorry,” Shige giggles hysterically, “It’s just…you’re the last person I would’ve thought would have this problem.”

The frown in Massu’s face deepens, “It’s not my fault! I’m just…easily…excitable…” At that, Shige bursts out laughing even more, tears on the edge of his eyes threatening to bubble over at any moment. Massu flails his arms angrily, “It’s not funny!”

“Of course not,” Shige snickers, wiping the tears from his eyes with a grin. “You’re a walking hard on. How is that not funny?”

Massu pouts, “You’re just jealous that you actually have to work to get it up.” Shige gives him a look and Massu sighs, “Okay, so you’re not, but…shut up! I tell myself that to make myself feel better.”

"Sure you do," Shige mutters, but his mind is on something else and he can't resist the temptation to tease Massu a little more. "So is that why you're always wearing baggy clothes? To hide things that you don't want others to see?"

Massu makes a weird face and Shige starts laughing again. "And here we were all thinking that you were a victim of fashion disaster! What the tabloids wouldn't pay for this information. "

"When you're done laughing at me," says Massu aggrievedly, "let me know."

Shige immediately makes an effort to choke back his mirth. "I'm done, I'm done."

"Okay." Massu settles back on his chair. "I need your help."

Shige's not very sure what kind of help he's required to give an easily excitable person with a permanent hard-on, but since it's Massu, he decides he'll stay long enough to listen.

AN: Gem, it was definitely fun doing this with you. Especially since it was Shigemassu of all things. We've been planning a collab since forever it seems, so it's nice to actually have something done to share. You're awesome, as always, and here’s to our next collab! Cheers!

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I hope you know I comment on your stuff more than everyone else added together.

Oh Trivvvvvvvvvvvvv and Gemmmmmmmmmmmm.

Psht, Gem you don't know me, but I'm Triv's crazy stalker friend from... fandom to rl and everything in between

You made me feel so BAD for massu in the middle. I was all:

Shige's lucky to have someone like Massu ne? Triv I really appreciate you hearing me whine about school, life, all the boy troubles, being really really REALLY M</strike. &hearts you both

- catskilt   Expand  

To our next collab if we ever get around to it!

hahaha yes! ::clinks champagne glasses::

i'm already excited about the pairing we're considering teehee.

SERIOUSLY, you two!!

I'm going to never open a word processor again and just roll around gleefully in the fields of Triv-and-Gem's-fics!!! This is FANTASTIC, and I LOVE the use of Massu's perspective. And...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HAPPY RESOLUTION?! FROM GEM AND TRIV?! WHO BOTH LOVE RIPPING MY SOUL INTO SHREDS?! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!


shush you. i'm still sitting here waiting for you to write your sho/shige. don't think i've forgotten.


- catskilt   Expand  


This is realy fantastic, guys. I would have expected nothing less from two of the best writers in our fandom.

I love how Massu is so jealous of Shige's and Koyama's relationship, but how Shige quietly and in his own way reassures him of his own affections.

Looking forward to more of your collabs, guys!


and awwww, tell that to Gem.

We're looking forward to our next collab too, if we're ever able to actually do it. Considering how long it took us to do this one, you may have to wait until the summer hahaha.

that was really good!
but that drabble at the end killed me xDDDDDDD

thank you so much!

and hahaha yes, it was certainly interesting for us both to write it :DDDD

attempt at epic...

Here I was expecting something really Shige/Massu and you guys write a friendship fic. Oh be still my beating heart :p I totally took my shower mega quickly so I could read this and not that I'm disappointed but I'd like to get it out there that I feel cheated. Hmph.

Now that my little hissy fit is over... ♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm not sure what kind of comment this first collab between the two of you guys could warrant, I'm just sure you both deserve more love than I could give! I know it's been hard on the both of you writing this and that it's been a long time coming! So congrats :DDDD And here goes my attempt at a comment...

First off, the title! I think Gem came up with it? Lol xDD It's a very perfect title. Not everything is namesquishable and sometimes fangirls namesquish a bit too much and goes overboard. And simply because it's just apt as a summary for this fic. It seems as if most of NEWS friendships can be defined by their namesquishes, you have RyoPi (childhood BFF), there's KoyaShige (like you said, been through Countdown rehearsals together) and then TegoMass (whom I don't really like and frankly it's just the Miso Soup thing right?). Some of their friendships cannot be namesquished together, and even those who have namesquishes might not be bestest of friends. Like Tego and Massu, they're sort of like the leftover two from RyoPi and KoyaShige, at least it feels that way to me sometimes.

And I will now tell you why I feel cheated out of Massu/Shige. Cos at first Massu is upset that he cannot compare to Koyama. Cannot compare to the kind of friendship that Koyama and Shige have together. My fangirl brain automatically thinks, "OHHHH I sense some angst cos obviously Massu will feel left out and declare his undying love for Shige and Shige will either like Koyama or Massu or be straight". And I mean what are the chances he'll be straight? Then of course I read on and of course Massu makes me sad so I'm thinking, "oh here comes the angst" and I set myself up for something and then...what happens? I get friendship. Sigh. And it's not like I can really complain about it cos this is a really great fic from you guys. And now I just sound whiny. It's okay.

Just before he arrives home, he drops by the convenience store and picks up a prepackaged bento. One can’t be too choosy when there isn’t any food waiting at home.
Favorite line (excluding the bonus fic snippet). Beggars can't be choosers right? And the idea of Massu buying a bento box for dinner saddens me. It reeks of loneliness :[ I mean, I don't live in Japan and haven't been before but eating a prepackaged bento for dinner. That's rather pathetic Massu.

Massu wonders if this is all he’s good for.
Um, this line too. Cos I just want to say, way to go guys with using Massu's pov. Hell, I never knew Massu well enough to assume anything about him besides the fact that a) he liked food (a lot), b) he smiles a lot and c) he wears billowy pants (this should work nicely as a lead into the next paragraph but I'm not done here yet...) So basically I know nothing about Massu and his personality. And the fact that you guys wrote 2000+ words on him, dudes, you guys rock :DD And the way that Massu seems to be able to pick up on Shige's mood just from the tiny movements and the way he tenses, :DDD

bonus drabble comment :DD

So just cos the bonus drabble deserves a comment all on its own...

The frown in Massu’s face deepens, “It’s not my fault! I’m just…easily…excitable…”
I swear I got up to here and started guffawing. Like literally laughing out loud and clutching my tummy. I haven't guffawed since I was...I can't even remember when I last guffawed. And I do like typing out that word. Then of course I read on...
“Of course not,” Shige snickers, wiping the tears from his eyes with a grin. “You’re a walking hard on. How is that not funny?”
WALKING HARD ON!!! Who's brilliant choice of words was this?!?! HAHAHAHHAHAHA xDDD By the way, is it entirely wrong that I just imagined Massu's face and then...yeah. That sounds wrong...

Shige's not very sure what kind of help he's required to give an easily excitable person with a permanent hard-on, but since it's Massu, he decides he'll stay long enough to listen.

Ahem. He needs a continuation :DDD

And to my boo and lawsons, ♥'s galore!


I want to see Massu's excessively offended face and more collabs between the two of you! :DD

yay thank you so much!

massu's excessively offended face is probably still horrendously cute and haha yay we hope to see more collabs between the two of us also XD

You two wrote about Massu!!! {is proud}
You must spread more Massu-ai~

{goes to read}

So I was thinking like "YAY ShigeMass" but then I get to it and I'm like "what's with the neglected!massu?" but the ending was perfect because it was Massu.

And thanks to YOU TWO...Massu's fashion disaster will never be the same...ever...again. {shudders}

And knowing Triv and her distaste towards bratty Tego: “Tegoshi was quietly self-centered then,” Shige agrees. “There was the brat in him but it was dormant.”


ok I'm done. &hearts

- catskilt   Expand  

mwahahahahahahaha the omake... mwahahahahahahhahahah!!!!

i really liked it ^__^ the actual story i mean lolz. very sweet and touching :)

XDDDDDDDDD obviously we (or i at least) had fun writing it haha.

and yay for liking the actual story too haha. thank you so much! XDDDD

Oh my god I love this so much ♥ I was in need of fluff (and Pi!het, but Crys provided for that quite nicely, and then some XD) and this was so perfect <3 I've never felt bad for how close KoyaShige are before! But your Massu made my heart go out to him.
So much love <3

I'm glad we were able to provide for your needs hahahaha

::loves on you::

thanks from the both of us XDDDDDDDDDDDD

- catskilt   Expand  


This was lovely. I love how Massu so obviously wants to be able to share more with Shige and have a tighter, deeper bond but wont push it. Has accepted that fact and refuses to feel any real jealously towards what Shige and Koyama have because he's a genuinely nice person who loves his friends no matter what. He really came across as a gentle soul :D

You two sort of broke my heart at points though, I was all "WE CAN HAVE WHAT SHIGE AND KOYAMA HAVE MASSU~ D:" hahah

Isn't he? XDDDDD

Awww, ::patches your heart with scotch tape::

thank you so much, dear! i'm sure you would be a lovely replacement for massu hahaha XDDD


it nice that they are frd behind the scenes. not the normal tegomass and koyashige frdship...

I know, right? I love their friendship so much. It makes me squee XDDDDD

Gem and I thank you for reading~

Dude, I almost started crying even though I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to be angsty. ._.

Anyway, loved it! :3

awww well then i'm glad you didn't cry because your tears would make me sad :DDDD

We're happy you did! Thank you!

I... you... you both... ehm...


XDDDDD We love you too teehee. Thanks for reading, dear!

- catskilt   Expand  
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